Hour Building Programs

Presentation-01We are leaders in the Single Engine and Multi Engine time building business. Our program is designed around the requirements of what the corporate and regional airlines are looking for such as “Real world cross-country experience” and Global Pilot School puts the pilot on an accelerated pace to a career in a corporate or airlines.

Our Hour building programs offers 100, 200, 300 and 500 hours shared time building of Single or Multi Engine anywhere within the continental United States and the Caribbean. Global Pilot School conducts flights using FAA- standard cockpit resource management and crew-concept techniques. True nationwide cross-county flying in high-density traffic areas requires these techniques to meet the workload requirement of checklists, ATC communication, flight routing, and weather. All time building is all 100% Pilot in Command.

Like most pilots headed for an airline career, you already have all your certificates and ratings that you need. Now you need flight hours or multi engine time to meet the requirement before you can be hired with corporate or airlines. Often times, this is the most expensive type of experience to obtain with least guidance and support. Global Pilot School offers assistance in helping you build single or multi engine time at the best rates in county while learning new skills at the same time. Wr realize how difficult it is to pay to build time and because of that, we offer the most affordable time-building rates in one of our several type aircraft.


We currently fly Beechcraft Duchess, Piper Arrow’s, Piper Cherokee’s and Cessna 172. Flights can be conducted anywhere in the continental United States and outside the continental United States to great flying locations like the islands of the Bahamas. However, there is a minimum 5 flight hours expected on a daily basis when away from our home base. Our programs allow you to fly fly 24hrs day, 7 days a week!

Come fly with Global Pilot School we will give you one the best flying experiences you’ve ever had, guaranteed!

*Included in the time building package:

Flight Time

1 Hour check out

Hour Building Programs - Cessna 152

Shared Flight timeDuration$40/hour
100 hours20 days$ 4000
200 hours40 days$ 8000
300 hours60 days$ 12000
500 hours90 days$ 20000

Hour Building Programs - Piper Cherokee

Shared Flight TimeDuration$50/hour
100 hours20 days$ 5000
200 hours40 days$ 10000
300 hours60 days$ 15000
500 hours90 days$ 25000

Hour Building Programs - Cessna 172

Shared Flight timeDuration$50/hour
100 hours20 days$ 5000
200 hours40 days$ 10000
300 hours60 days$ 15000
500 hours90 days$ 25000

Hour Building Programs - Beechcraft Duchess

Shared Flight timeDuration$120/hour
100 hours20 days$ 12000
200 hours40 days$ 24000
300 hours60 days$ 36000
500 hours90 days$ 60000

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